you have no fucking clue…

Unfortunately, this pisses off blacks. It means they are working… They don’t want to work. It’s an insult to them. They want free shit stolen from whitey.

Go to Africa and see for yourself. The Kangz and Kweenz attitude is strong. It results in complete destitution because absolutely everyone believes they are entitled, and refuse to do fuck all. It’s always the job of someone else who is low and below them. Vicious, ruthlessness you don’t even know, is how all things are decided. Being offended is the law. Any excuse to declare something beneath you, any excuse to put someone down/out. It’s nothing but a brainless, animalistc power struggle in every tiny detail.

You wonder where the left gets it?

Take a stroll through any western ghetto. This behavior/lack of thinking is in their DNA. No matter where you move them, only a few ever develop higher intellect. Most remain dumb savages no matter what you do.

No one wants to avoid black neighborhoods more than blacks.


The government that does this cannot be forgiven, and cannot be allowed to exist.

Violence, kidnapping, and murder. That’s all they do.

“He’s got a gun!”

No. No, he didn’t. This was nothing but an execution, and a lie made up to make it acceptable in the eyes of The Almighty Guvjina.

String up all three of these demon pigs, or random cops will die instead. It’s come to the point that killing cops is the only option left. You made it this way. There’s no one to blame but you.

You evil, communist pieces of shit deserve so much worse than death…


Trump is anti-Constitution, and anti-Second Amendment. Exactly the New York elite communist trash I knew he was when I held my nose and cast my ballot for not-Hitlary.

I really, really wish adults were in charge… But, it’s been several decades since that was even an option…

She’s not unaware. She’s deliberately lying and pretending to be dumb.

Typical DemonRat.
Typical woman.

When someone uses the phrase “assault weapon,” the conversation is already over. An honest person does not use fake, childish, propaganda terms that are designed to invoke emotional responses, eliminate facts and rational discussion… When someone uses the phrase “assault weapon” it’s already over. They’re lying. They know they’re lying. They know lies are the only way they can win, which is why they’re lying in the first place.

I’ve tried to have a rational sit-down like this many times. But, it’s impossible. They always lie, start screaming insults, making up fake accusations, fake “examples.” It’s hopeless and pointless.

Ted just explained it, and she immediately called it rhetoric that doesn’t matter and is getting in the way. Dismissed it out of hand because it smashes her bullshit.

The knows she just got called out on a lie and wants to get back to driving a point based on the lie, while skipping over the part where the foundation just got knocked out from under her whole agenda. She doesn’t care about facts. She is a masterful manipulator.

hating and slandering white men kinda pisses them off…

…and they stop buying your stuff.

Racism and sexism against white men is not only socially mainstream, but has full support of government, and is sponsored with trillions of tax dollars.

But… Those tax dollars are stolen from white men, almost exclusively…

So, if they aren’t around to pay those taxes anymore…

This is why women hate MGTOW. We’re leaving the plantation. We’re not going to be your slaves. Being a broke loser means there’s nothing to steal from us.

This is the plan that gynocentric society had; enslave the white men. The white men are refusing to cooperate with that plan, so it’s falling apart. Of course, blame the white men…

I wear your hate and slander as a badge of honor.

Feminine rage is the weathervane of truth.

To be cursed by The Devil is a Blessing.

fuckin’ boomers…

Sadly true. The reaping of what the Boomers have sown… Every word of it true.

No, it won’t be an interesting fight. I’ve experienced the reality of it my whole life. Anyone willing to fight will be stabbed in the back by the moral cowards. One by one, they kill their own in the name of Political Correctness.

the fourth man’s dark, accusing song had scratched our comfort hard and long


What about all the fat sluts walking around with 400lbs of lard? Nobody needs that much body fat! She MUST be planning to liposuction it all out and make bombs from the glycerine! That’s it! I figured it out! The REAL feminist plot! Turrurizmz!


Women have spent 7 generations dedicated to transforming government into a weapon to destroy men.

They got what they wanted and now they’re pissed.

Surprise… Women got exactly what they wanted, they hate it, and it’s all mens’ fault.

If a horrible disease killed all the White Men, the only complaint would be that women have no one to divorce rape, and no form of industrialized goods/services are available anymore.

No one would mention that all the White Men are dead, and that’s the reason why everything sucks now. No one would even care because White Men aren’t considered people. We aren’t even livestock. They’d be mad if all the cows or all the chickens went extinct. But, White Men? Fuck ’em.

Genocide against White Men is not merely normalized, but considered desirable. Global governments are in full support. The only thing of place is gun confiscation, and the pre-crime/wrongthink needed to finally achieve that is almost in place in the form of Red Flag laws. Virtually all industrialized and financial systems are under control of The State via gross over-regulation.

Food. Clean water. Clothing. Housing. Transportation. Sanitation. Electricity. Communication. Mining. Manufacturing. The simple joy of productivity and accomplishment.

All controlled by the communist state. An entity which has proven unanimously that it cannot do anything but completely annihilate all of these things.

Even CBDC is being tabled. Government ruins everything as the stupid lazy masses demand that it do everything.

Venezuela on a global scale is at hand. It can’t go any other way. Math. The longer you resist the laws of nature, the more brutal the inevitable equalization.

You can kick the can for only so long. Eventually it explodes and you’re forced to accept it was not a can. It was a grenade.

gee, remarkably familiar to me…

Gun control is laziness being used to abolish the Constitution.

The only thing he did was describe the concept of self-defense. All you need to develop a plan for killing a mob of several hundred that has openly declared that they can and will kill you for wrongthink, is an IQ above 70.

Red Flag laws are already being used as an obvious weapon of left-wing supporters embedded in government. Wherever Antifa intends to attack and kill someone, the people they are planning to attack and kill will first be declared “dangerous” by government antifa supporters, disarmed, and made easier to kill.

Registration will make sure you can’t hide guns they don’t know about so you can still defend yourself from this very scenario.

So far, Red Flag laws have been used exclusively for this purpose. They’re not even trying to hide the true intent…

Now, you’re not even allowed to think about opposing Communism. If you do, you’ll be comitted to the Looney Bin against your will, and all your guns taken. You can’t even attend a protest where thousand of leftists have already openly declared a willingness to commit violence on a large scale and performed it, repeatedly. But they have no such thing done to them. They’re allowed to run rampant.

Again, actions speak louder than words. Not only does government do nothing to stop leftist fascism, if you are thought to have a problem with leftist fascism, the government comes after you for it. You are stripped of your right to go when and where you please, you’re stopped of your 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendment rights. If you dare say you’ll fight to take those back, that itself is considered grounds for having done it.

It’s never been more urgent to destroy this imposter government and restore legitimate Constitutional authority.

Anyone they want “disappeared” will be held up as an example. “See! Look! We stopped one!” Even though he did nothing… It’s not merely pre-crime, the pre-crime is wrongthink against the violent, Communist Democrats.

Just think the position communists are now in… Communist Democrats niw have full support from Government to make anyone disappear who dares to speak against their violent takeover.

It’s much like their use of “regulation” to sieze the means of production. Create so many rules that only collaborators can still exust, and the “private” company is a puppet if the state.

Through registration and Red Flag laws, we abandon The Bill of Right and Due Process in favor of granting leverage to violent Democrat Communists while they plan and vomitt violence against all who oppose their agenda, and nothing is ever done to them…

Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization which now numbers in several million members. Government denies that this is a thing, even though they are out in the open. Government is actively seeking out and attacking oppostion on their behalf. No crime, no accusation of a crime. Simply wrongthink against violent communists.

The killing of police is going to start organizing around this behavior instead of being random.

These all crotch, no brains losers are easy pickings. When they inevitably double-down instead of back off, it’ll escalate to actively hunting Higher Ranks, then the Judges… It’s the natural progression. Maybe they’ll ban guns, but since guns are easy to make this will only result in dropping the pretense, move to guerilla warefare with subnachine-guns… You idiots are doing everything necessarry to make exactly this happen. Other objectives will emerge. Cops will be hunted expressly to take their guns… How many do they “lose” already?

Anything short of a public hanging in front of his family in his own front yard is a provocation of the public wrath.

The cop killing is naturally going to get worse…

They think the Judges that let them off are their friends and are helping them out. They think this because they are dumb, sadistic, perverted animals.

What’s really happening is that the judge is using their mental defects and predatory proclivities to commit sedition. Simultaneously, the cops are the ones that will take the bullets from the outraged public who have had all of this they can tolerate. The cops are the human shields because they’re too stupid to realize how these communist judges are operating.

The judge that lets you off the hook is not your friend. That judge is shredding the Constitution, using your dumb ass to do it, then setting you up as a human shield when nature takes its natural course. Even if you’re nothing but the typical sadistic pervert that most cops are, you should give a shit about this out of selfishness. Even if you don’t give a damn about the slow-burn sedition you’re being used to commit, and all that matters to you is being a predator and getting away with it; you won’t be getting away with anything as a corpse.

old but good

Smart girls? Where? Tons of dumb girls telling each other how smart they are… Why are they all still losers?

I went on a date with a “doctor.” She had no savings. Tons of debt. Was really just a traveling sales rep for drug companies… She had no female traits. It was like being on a date with a dumb guy. I’m not gay, so, no thanks…