…..not good enough.

Reality will not absolve you for rare, token incidents of getting it right.

This needs to happen much more often, and with punishments much more severe.

Crimes have modifiers when us mere mortal civilians do it…

The ultimate modifier should be “betraying the public trust.” If you derive a paycheck from tax money, you should be held to a much higher standard, not a much lower one…

This behavior of holding the publicly employed to a much lower standard, is a double betrayal.

This is why We the People, who have an IQ above 70, hate the police so much. They can commit all the evil they want, and are then let off easy, or worse, rewarded for it…

Say what? Judges are killing two birds with one stone. They commit their slow-burn sedition at the same time that they incentivuze and reward the bad police behavior that created the incident in the first place.

The public is slowly figuring out that the independent judiciary is a little too independent… Right now, the cops that do the dirty deeds are taking the brunt of the hate. But, eventually, the public will figure out that it’s the dirty communist judges running the show. The cops are just sadistic pawns, human shields, myrmidons. When the public finally figures this out, then, it will be the judges that are hunted down… There are fewer of them, and they are much easier targets. Every judge lives somewhere. Usually somewhere fancy… Their neighbors know where. The dirty cops they reward know where. The same threats they use on We the People, work on them just the same. They are flesh and blood just like us. Their kids sleep somewhere. They go to school somewhere. They play with their friends somewhere… Judges and Police are no less velnerable than the people they persecute and subjugate. We can do to them the exact same evil things they do to us. It’s a damn shame these evil people can’t figure that out until a violent revolt is already underway. That’s humanity. Same broken record for millennia… But, they say I’m the crazy one…

If you don’t have the patience to be an auditor, recon your judges. You need to collect intel on them. You never know when your life will depend on your ability to hit them as hard as they intend to hit you. Like it or not, the independent judiciary has become a bit too independent. It’s now a separate entity, outside of the law. An occupying foreign army enforcing any damn thing it wants. The cops are the soldiers, the judges are issuing the orders by means of punishing behavior they don’t want, and rewarding what they do want. The dumb savage cops react in the expected Pavlovian fashion… This is how the sedition is shaped. Nobody actually speaks orders to do evil. Sedition is never spoken allowed. They just hire sadistic animals, and then condition them to the behavior that suits their plot of slow-burn sedition.

It’s not an accident. This is deliberately engineered by those who wish to overthrow and destroy The Republic. Those people have a name; The Judicial Branch. This is war. Stop kidding yourself.


Ok, I’ll play this one level instead of trolling.

I know decent women. They exist. They’re rare, but they exist.

Why is it that, when a woman wants to be a man impersonator, this is what we get instead?

Because a woman pretending to be a man is severely defective to begin with. The desire to be the opposite of what you are is already severe mental illness.

So, it’s only natural that a mental defective can’t get it right. They try to assert themselves by being a brat, or a douche-bag. Never by impersonating a real man. They just can’t do it. Because they can’t understand it. If the concept cannot be formed in your brain, you cannot impersonate it.

It’s not because they are women. It’s because they are mental defectives. Gender merely flavors the defects in a typically female fashion.

They lay a turd, then try to pick it up by the clean end and polish it. This is the result of a turd (mental defective) being polished (behavior consciously analyzed and tweaked to put on a show. Unfortunately, they don’t know how a real man actually thinks or conducts himself, so they end up impersonating the only thing they have experience with; brats and douche-bags. You see, real men do not ever associate with females of this caliber. So, they are never exposed to real men, and have no clue how to fake being a real man).

“Yep, that woman is insane.” Women pretending to be men and getting it wrong in a stereotypically feminine manner is a combination of two things. It’s not “because woman.” You can always tell when a woman is doing it, because a woman leaves woman fingerprints on everything she touches. Just like a man leaves man fingerprints on everything he touches. We inherently recognize these gendered touches. Most people rarely understand mental deficiencies, tho. So, we end up identifying it by the most identifiable trait, instead of the underlying, root cause.

The more women choose to be feminists, reject their femininity and replace it with what they perceive to be a “male act,” the more commonly we see the same feminized mental deficiency played out. The same brand of mental illness passed through the same misconceptions, converted into the same fake show… We begin to associate that with “what a woman is.” Once it become the norm in a society, real men just don’t find women appealing anymore. The weaker become gay. The weakest cut off their dicks and pretend to be women. The enderdeveloped savages with all hormones, and no brains, are perceived as “macho” because they remain generally unaffected by what they cannot comprehend… The scum breeds with more scum, and the intelligent bail out.


They’re not stupid. Nobody is this stupid.

“We got a call!”

“Anonymous tip!”

Cops are sadistic perverts.

Yeah, I know this is old, but that’s the point. This shit keeps happening. It’s been happening for decades. And idiots still worship cops…

Cops are the lowest scum alive. Child rapists are better people.

Until courts execute cops for betraying their duty, it’s up to We the People to execute them.

It’s not an “isolated incident.” The Police are sworn soldiers of Satan. To restore The Republic, kill the satanic judges and cops first. If you’re not willing to kill these freaks, they’re going to kill you. They are sadistic, perverted murderers. They are hired expressly because they are the worst of the worst.

There is nothing more righteous and good than killing the judicial branch. They are Satanic Communists in open sedition against The Republic, top to bottom. It can’t be fixed. These so-called “people” are committed to evil, death, perversion and rot. They can’t be fixed. They can only be exterminated.

marriage has been converted into a weapon

Don’t fall for it.

Women give away their plan when they complain about “comittment.” They want you locked in and clueless.

It’s backwards, and the wrong concept at the same time.

The real word is devotion, and women are supposed to be going it.

But, they never do… No woman is devoted to anything but her pimp, The State. Marriage is the scam that her John falls for. It’s how he gets drugged and robbed. Kids be damned. They’re just leverage. Planned before the marriage. A deal struck between women and Government long before the fool comes along that they’re going to fuck over. A good man, with good intentions, no clue it’s all going to be used against him. To destroy him. To destroy his children. He has no idea that he has no rights and no say in anything… She doesn’t love him. She loves watching him fall for her lies. She gets off on the deception. She loves destroying a good man. She hates and mocks his virtues. And the state helps her every step of the way.

Government is Satan.
Cops are Satan’s Army.
Women are Satan’s Whores.

“We got a call!”

…at no point will the police question or doubt anyone calling 911, who is giving them an excuse to go apeshit.

They do not care to verify. An excuse to go apeshit is all they want. They’re not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. They’re brainless savages.

The only thing worse than a child rapist, is a cop.

MGTOW is a symptom, not the problem.

Women chose to be stupid whores instead of wives and mothers.

Period. Everything else is merely a result of that.

Fuck off, ladies. Only the dumbest and most pathetic have time for you.

Fuck no! End pensions! End publicly extorted retirements and benefits of all kinds.

I’ve had to provide for myself. I’ll never have a retirement. I’ll never have a pension. Why should I continue to be extorted for the entitled, lazy brats that did this to me? Why should I provide a comfortable retirement for those who stripped me of mine?

no matter how hard they try…

…it’s impossible to scrub the hammer and sickle off the red flag.

Another person murdered by the communist blue isis terrorists on orders from Democrats.

They are killing at will. Disagree with a Democrat, kill team dispatched.

Try to paint over it with whatever bullshit and lies you want. This is an act of war. It must be responded to as such. Police are communist death squads. Kill on sight.

Interesting sales pitch… I’m not optimistic, I’m listening…

They hate their husband because they’re actually married to the state. The husband is just a John that her state pimp stuck her with long term. Of course there’s drama. Of course there’s yelling. Of course there’s hate. No whore wants to be permanently stuck with her John!

She’s a whore. She hates being a wife. She hates being a mother. She doesn’t want a healthy relationship. She doesn’t want a happy home. She’s a whore. She wants to be a whore. She wants to do whore things.

Pretty much all women are whores.

Actually, that’s not fair.

I’ve spent some time with whores. They’re far better people than the typical western female. Honest. Funny. Witty. Smart. Helpful. They can cook, too! I’ve rented girls just to help me work on my bike or clean up around the house! Try to get a western female to peel her ass of the sofa… Never even asked them to take off their clothes. Just to be around a woman that actually knows how to be a woman… That doesn’t exist in any western country. I know I’m temporary, so I’m too honest to creates a fake relationship and use someone for convenience when I know I’m going to end it. So, a rental keeps my conscience clean.

I’d rather fake it with a Thai hooker for a week than go through the neverending hell that is western females. I get my dose, then I say goodbye. Rarely has sex got anything to do with it. Only if she’s very insistent. And very hot. And half my age.

I can’t say how many Thai bar girls dream of someone taking them away from it all. Plenty are dyed-in-the-wool whores. Yes. But, I’d say it’s a strong majority that really do believe someone will come to take them away from it all and live hapilly ever after…

Western women? I dare you to find even one. Sure, you can find plenty who say so, but none are actually walking the path that leads to it. Stay in shape? Take pride in feminity? Learn to cook, clean, be a helpmeet as described in the Bible? Nope. They brag about being totally useless. The last western female that I was dumb enough to pay attention to for a few minutes open bragged that she was only good for one thing, and very good at it because she had so much experience… Nasty. And for finding her revolting, I was called a fag, a bigot, a sexist pig… Whatever. Western women are obsolete. Bring on the hospital/farm complexes where we keep them in a coma their entire existence and simply use them as biological factory baby machines, we can selectively freed them. And accelerate by euthanizing and breeding in much shorter than normal generational intervals; until we can get the artificial wombs going. They’ve reduced themselves to cattle, we’d be fools not to work within those parameters. Women made it do, not us. We must act accordingly. We’re men. We can adapt. We can invent. We can create. We will find a way.

Women, eh, not so much… A life support system for a reproductive organ. Shut the fuck up and make me a sandwich, you stupid cunt…

it’s an ok song I guess….

It’s ok…

But this one… I’d like to hear a remake of this one, because I rather like the Declaration of Independence…

Same tune. Fully a capella. But, for the modern rebellion. Frankly, I rather like the Declaration of Independence. Might name the remake Declaration of Independents… Balkanize.

I’m bad at lyrics, but my voice isn’t bad when I’m in practice… Help me find the words, I’ll sing it.

the law does not apply to the left

Politicians are evil pieces of shit? No! Can’t be! This guy was only a few percentage points from being Governor. Want to bet that those who voted for him would still vote for him? That this would have absolutely zero impact? Because Democrats are degenerate scum. This doesn’t change a thing.

If I had stayed at that hotel 1 month earlier for one night, I would be prosecuted via “constructive possession” of shit that didn’t even exist. After it got publicised, a half dozen worthless whores I’ve never met would be “stunning and brave” as they “came forward” with total bullshit rape accusations… Child porn would be planted on my computer(s) and later “found” there.

But shitbag communist niggerboy gets caught red-handed. Nada. Nothing happens. Muh Tallahassee!

The law does not apply to the left. They are never prosecuted. They can do any damn thing they want and nothing ever happens.

Shit bags even worse than this run every level of government. They meddle, spy, regulate, and prescribe every detail of my life to me.

I refuse to be owned by degenerates. Fuck you.

bang, zoom, straight to the moon…

They do it in slow motion in SE Asia…

Slow = safe.

Pull out in front of the speeding semi-truck, slowly (with your entire family on the scooter). Because slow is safe! If you don’t die, it was good luck! If you die, then it was bad luck caused by bad secrets you kept that the sprits of your ancestors have decided to punish you for… Nothing to do with being dumb as fuck and pulling out in front of speeding vehicles without looking, ever… If you survive, then you’re a pariah because everyone knows you are cursed by the spirits for reasons know one really knows, but the spirits know… Go ahead and ask. They’ll tell you, you dumb foreigner!

I see it dozens of times every day I leave the house. I swear it’s a color code. The darker the skin, the dumber they are. I’ve watched it too many times to be gaslit about it. It’s fucking true. You can’t lie to me. I’ve seen it with my own eyes thousands of times. The light skinned ones stop and look around. They can usually afford fancy cars. The dark skinned ones pay absolutely zero attention to what’s going on around them. They just go. On a busted scooter with no license plate, entire family packed into it. They have no concept of the passage of time. There gave no if-then-else logic process. No understanding of inertia or kinetik energy. They don’t look because they don’t have anything in their brain that tells them they should. The middle skin tone ones do some really incredible shit. They’ll stop at an intersection and look both ways. But, if the view is blocked by a building built close to the edge, so they can’t see if anything is coming, they just go anyway! Why? They stopped, they looked, they didn’t see anything, so its go time! The notions that there might be something hidden behind the visual obstruction… Nope. And you can’t explain it to them, either! How dare you say such things, you worthless foreigner! It’s just like talking to a Democrat. They live in delusion because it’s all their underdeveloped brains can manage. They get offended to the point of violence at the mere mention of fact, or suggestion that they aren’t already perfect supreme gods… No, you stupid white man, it’s just good or bad luck brought by the spirits. There’s nothing else. How dare you suggest otherwise. We will help you save face because you just don’t understand, but if you say it again, we will mob you with farm/kitchen implements. It’s a good thing you’re 10x stronger than us. And drive that high-status motorcycle we respect… Lols, I Bogart trucks because they stop for me at intersections just because my bike has a BMW logo on it. Dumb, but that’s how it works here. If I stop, then every gets confused and doesn’t know what to do. Chaos! So I just slow down and everyone stops and gets out of the way… Okilly dokilly… Whatever man… It took forever for me to figure that one out. I couldn’t understand what was happening. Dumb foreigner…

Go on over to Africa a while. It’s even worse there…

how fucking stupid have people become?

It’s the fucking flu. This time they track it with global details and give it a name. Hype it all over media. It’s just the flu…

It’s just another successful strain of the flu. Just like every year. It’s not even a particularly strong one. We’ve had much worse and nobody cared… There’s absolutely nothing special about it.

We can see where it started. We can see how it spreads. It’s reported in the media.

So? The same shit happens every year. Only, it’s usually a lot worse… This is the weakest flu season virus I can recall. But the hype and the scary looking maps… That’s the difference.

The only thing that’s actually scary, is how goddamned stupid people are.

One of the worst flu seasons in my time infected 1/3 of the entire planet and killed almost 3/4 million people. Do you even know what the name of that virus was? Did the media scream from the rooftops that the sky was falling? Maps of number infected by country in scary colors? Shut down international travel? Nope. Nobody cared. This is fucking ridiculous.

You people are fucking stupid. The flu kills. Babies. The elderly. Those with compromised immune systems for whatever reason. Normal people have a runny nose and shortness of breath for a week or two then get the fuck over it. Just like every year…

This proves nothing more than what a bunch of stupid assholes the center of the bell curve is. Fucking dumb! These asshole excuses for human beings are far more dangerous than the virus.

All it takes to make people panic now, is exposing them to reality… They’re so clueless, stupid, sheltered, and ignorant…

I disown the human race. Fuck you ridiculous idiots. How dare you call yourselves people!

herp derp…

The ability to indentify and track a flu virus is now the excuse for pretending that the flu is a bug deal. It’s not even particularly bad! There are plenty of past flu seasilons that were waayyy worse! It just didn’t get a name, and we didn’t have the technology to identify and track it… There are flu seasons on record more than 10 times as bad! Nobody tried to shut down internation travel over it! Nobody tried to collapse the global economy over it!

Holy shit, you people are Fucking stupid!

They gave this season’s flu a name, and tracked it in detail. It’s actually drastically less terrible than most flus. But the extra details, the extra information. The constant hype. That’s all it takes to get an entire world of very, very stupid people to lose their shit and burn the whole world to the ground… You asswipes are utter lunatics… This level of stupidity us unfirgivable. You deserve a real disaster, and might just pull the roof down on your own head over absolutely nothing…

Holy fuck you people are stupid…

Are you fucking fucktards fucking kidding me?

1.5 trillion of make-believe fake money was going to fix this s? Are you shitting me? Who the actual fuck is running the show here? That shit will disappear like a fart in the end and! Obviously! And that’s exactly what fucking happened? How can you be so utterly motherfucking stupid?

As if this paper thin bullshit ‘good economy’ wasn’t bad enough being built on nothing but hype and cult of personality, no substance behind it at all. A pure feelings economy… Still racking up the debt and spending on massive Government bullshit…

This was just a test. They wanted to see if the situation was bad enough to vaporize 1.5 trillion in an instant.

And it was.

And over what? A virus that isn’t even as bad as the average flu? That’s all it takes to get people acting so stupid?

It’s just like cops/BLM. BLM could accomplish nothing if the cops weren’t already so close to the edge with how evil they are. All it takes is a few lies.

If the economy weren’t so grossly mismanaged, even weapons grade stupid, such as is considered normal these days, wouldn’t impact it… If it weren’t already so corrupted and close to the edge, it could never be pushed over by a fake news flu.

I’m reminded of Muslim women. No, in a good way. Seriously.

They take their femininity very seriously. Most of them desire the burka. It’s hard to say which feminine trait is the most important. But, for them, it’s chastity. They want every inch of their body to be for their husband’s eyes only. Hair. Elbow. Whatever. It seems silly to us because of how far we’ve sunk… The point is that, yes, it is absurd and extreme. It’s the fact you’re willing to go to that extreme which makes the mundane into something special. Mike Pence ring a bell? My dad refused to even be alone in a room with someone who wasn’t my mom. It wasn’t that there would be suspicion. It was about going out of your way to assure that it couldn’t even be a rumor. How could anything untoward even be implied, if you were never out of sight with another woman? The mere implication would be laughed at.

I’ve never felt the urge for partnership as I did hearing a woman explain that to me. Not that I didn’t understand it. I inherently understand it. But it was shocking, in a good way, to hear those words come out of a woman’s mouth, instead of arrogant, trashy feminist nonsense… The only thing I could tell about this woman was that she was short and fat. She could have been ugly, toothless, and hairy. I have no idea. Still pushed my buttons. A woman who actually understands what it is to be a woman? Imagine wandering in a desert for 40 years, and just now, for the first time in your life, you’ve seen water… This is why western women get cranky when they hear a man has been to these places. The jig is up! Everything that stinks and rots is feminism!

Had this attitude not become extinct, the cops wouldn’t be targets, the economy wouldn’t be so fucked… Operate in a manner so far beyond the possibility of impropriety, that to even suggest it is hilarious.

Injects 1.5T? Injects? Where? Whose ass got this cash injection? Where? How? Did they just hand out free money to whoever was nearby at the moment? This doesn’t even make sense. Did they have a giant confetti cannon they fired it out of? How do you “inject” cash? What the fuck does that even mean?

finally, someone is paying attention…

The pin doesn’t matter. It’s the bubble. Been saying it a thousand different ways most of my life.

An ever inflating balloon will eventually pop even with no pin.

Creating the bubble is the problem. And several are converging. All parties involved want to do nothing but make it worse. No one wants to do the hard things that must be done. Every day that passes makes the consequences worse. The more you procrastinate, postpone, and delay, the bigger the inevitable explosion. But it’s worse. They’re not just failing, they’re pouring fuel on the fire.

This has nothing to do with Trump. He’s just trying to do the only thing he can to look good in an inherited situation that’s been in the making before he was even born…

“Never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence.” Is the most insidious advice, ever. If you follow that rule, you turn a blind eye to evil and it never gets called out. It allows evil to do as it will. This was absolute malice from the beginning, and you stuck your nose in the air and arrigantly pretended it wasn’t for decades…

Muh muh muh myyyy Corona!

I’m damn near certain that I already caught, and got over, corona-chan.

I had a trip to Bangkok in late Jan/early Feb. IIRC…

The usual thing that happens to me is that I ride public transit (BTS/MRT) and instantly notice that bacteria flavor… About an hour and my throat is mildly sore. It accelerates from there.

The first few times I got this, it damn near killed me. Due to misuse of antibiotics, nearly everything in SE Asia is a superbug.

On the other hand; I’m not a stupid motherfucker.

I deliberately wait a few days. Until I’m sure I won’t wake up if I fall asleep. Then I derp on down to the local pharmacy to pick up 20x 500mg Amoxacillin. I hit that twice a day while drinking about 4 Litres of water to keep my kidneys happy while processing that load.

After about a year of that, I’d get the initial flavor, throat, but it’d be gone by the next day. No pills needed.

Then I bought a motorcycle. And cheapass helmet from Big C. Day 2 of owning helmet, I look over my shoulder while switching lanes, visor rips off. So, now I get road spray any time it rains. In my eyes, ears, mouth, nose…

Thailand road spray is a special kind of horrific…

So, I got on the same regimen again.

This was tougher. The nasty shit on the road in Thailand, mixed into a slush, then sprayed into the air… It got me at least 12 times. Same game; wait until I just can’t stand it anymore, then buy the pills.

Last time I caught “road spray infection” I didn’t need the pills. Took 7 days, but I got better without them.

Even if I haven’t already caught and gotten over corona-chan, I’m pretty sure I’ll barely notice if I do. It’s not even as bad as the common flu. Just an excuse to hype and impose Government tyranny.

A tree planted in a desert will shade no one, ever.

I fought against this my whole life. I got nothing but betrayed and lied to for it. Constant gaslighting, telling me it’s all my fault for my refusal to join the destruction of all that is good and decent.

Women are whores of satanic Government.

I will not sacrifice myself to The Devil.

The Boomers broke the contract. The Zoomers have run wild with the violation. Government can’t stop cackling with glee as it rampages… Women pour fuel on the fire…

Is this where you plant a tree? Is this where you raise a family?


Balkanize while you still can. You’ve lost all other options by waiting too long. I’m sure you’ll fuck this up, too.

this is why “anti-war” is bullshit

Just keep sitting on your thumbs, letting them destroy you. There’s something wrong with you if you don’t welcome your own genocide!

Of course a race war is bad. A civil war would be bad, too. So would a nuclear war…

War sucks. But, what’s worse? Sitting on your thumbs, allowing yourself to be wiped out without a fight.

They’re not going to stop because you’ve explained their evil aloud. They already know it. They just laugh as you narrate…

Almost every country on Earth is a brown ethnostate.

Why can’t white people have an ethnostate? Just one?

I’m smart enough to realize that race shouldn’t matter. But the brown people disagree, aparently. They’re the ones who won’t allow equality. My concern with race is purely defensive. Because the brown people want to kill all the white people. I agree that it’s dumb. So why won’t you quit doing it?

Quit telling me I’m racist just because I want to exist.

If being brown is so great, why do they keep coming to white places and trying to wreck it? If it’s so oppressive, why don’t they go back where they came from?

Because they’re projecting their own actions and intents. They are the racists. They are the killers.

Always accuse your opponent of what ut is that you are doing.

We see this same thing in every underdeveloped mind. Women do it all the time. If they can’t manipulate you how they want, they make accusations of you doing something bad. They’re smart enough to color it for gender. So, when they’re trying to extort cash, they accuse you of being violent or sexually violent. If they can’t get away with female dirty, they fabricate male dirty.

They’re all openly admitting open genocide against white males. Add the traits Christian and gun-owner to the list…