Good news? Maybe? Dare I?

Been getting some Parkerizing done with some fluid obtained from a new supplier. I’m intentionally doing small batches and deliberately taking time in between.

So far; best Parkerized finish I’ve ever seen.

All I did was switch to a new supplier. Everything else is the same. So, to everyone who says I’m stupid and incompetent; suck it. I was being sold junk.

To those who tried to help me sort it out; I appreciate it, but, the problem wasn’t me or any detail of my process. All I really needed was more confidence in my experience instead of letting a supplier insult me and listen to it. I figured “he’s the expert,” right? Wrong.

There is, of course, the chance that the material was tampered with while in transit. Everything I buy via mail-order is tampered with by guvtrash these days. But, this kind of packaging is hard to mess with, so, I doubt it could be done without me noticing. If this is indeed the case, I’ll see a decline in quality after a few re-orders as the guvtraitors tamper with the new soure’s product in transit, again.

My main concern is Winter supply… WA State; how does one keep the fluid from getting way too damn cold and self-destructing in shipping during times of such very low temperature?

Shooter Solutions – Wish I would have switched to them sooner, good stuff!

…so far…

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