When rights disappear, so does the basis of filing petition for redress. You can’t file petition regarding the violation of your rights, when you have no rights.

With non-violent options deleted, violent options become necessarry. Killing the Government, starting with cops and judges, is a duty and responsibility.

Let the boogaloo begin…

muh confiscation, yo

Of course he’s not going to ban AR-15s. That’s impossible, and he knows it. The only thing he can do is try to confiscate AR-15s, and die hilariously/horribly during the attempt. Which he doesn’t want…


I’ll not contend whether the quote is true or not.

But, the premise it describes certainly is true… Go for it, Beta O’Dork. Let’s do this.


A Soviet officer was leading his soldiers through Finland in 1939. Suddenly, he heard a voice.

One Finn is better than ten Russians!”

The Soviet officer responded by sending ten of his best soldiers to investigate. After a minute of gunfire, the voice called out again.

One Finn is better than one-hundred Russians!”

The Soviet officer, now frustrated, sent one-hundred red soldiers to kill the enemy. After half an hour of heavy gunfire and explosions, the voice returned.

One Finn is better than a thousand Russians!”

Furious, the Russian officer sent a whole battalion to destroy the enemy. A fire-fight ensued that lasted several hours, involving explosions, artillery, and even air support. Finally, there was silence. As the officer peered out over the hills to see the results, he met a wounded Soviet soldier using a tree branch as a crutch.

The soldier, mortally injured, said to the officer, “Don’t send anymore of us! It’s a trap!”

The officer, confused, asked him what he meant.

The man, with his dying breath answered, “There’s two of them.”

Libra isn’t Cryptocurrency…

Long ago, I defined the fundamental danger of being so fucking lazy that you hand your life over to “platforms” rather than do it your damn self…

“Big Tech” has done nothing more than leverage stupidity and laziness.

If people weren’t so fucking stupid and lazy, “Big Tech” could never have done this.

It’s fantastically annoying to see the laziness and stupidity of the average person handed-off and turned up-side down in the phrase “Big Tech.” There’s barely any technology in “Big Tech.” It’s just a website and a database. There’s nothing new or technologically interesting about it. This existed in the 1970s.

It’s just another example of the outraged masses blaming others for their own stupidity and laziness.

In no way should this be construed as a defense of so-called “Big Tech.” They’re evil as fuck. But, were the people not stupid and lazy, that evil would never have gained power.

I was so excited in the early days of Android… Now, I loathe buying a new phone. My OnePlus 5 has a freshly cracked screen. Oddly, all the punching and throwing against the floor, and even chucking it out a 6th story window didn’t break it. Yeah, I was pissed when I discovered that it wasn’t just Android spying on me, but also OnePlus… But, I gotta hand it to them… I beat the shit out of this thing and it wouldn’t break. I recently dropped it face-first on a chunk of gravel. Was changing oil and my hands were slippery. Oh well. No big loss. I’ll live with it. I’m in no hurry to replace it. Been waiting for that Librem 5… Still waiting… Gonna be waiting at least another year from the looks of things…

Sure, I can afford a new phone… But, I loathe giving these assholes my money. This piece of shit will just have to last another year…

While most people are desperate to buy the next status symbol, I find it anoying… I’d use an old iPaq if I could trust it… But, nothing can be trusted anymore. No one can be trusted anymore.

it’s amazing…

It’s amazing how this man can so precisely point out exactly what the problem is, then aim to proceed in the worst possible direction…

Stop and Search works. Yes. Getting rid of water would eliminate drowning, too… The problems of “too much” freedom are always superior to the problems of too little. Always. No exceptions. This is an absolute, fundamental fact.

There is no need to stop “urban youths” from killing each other.

No, that isn’t racist. It’s factual. Inferior genetics is meant to limit itself with barbarism. Look at Africa. The continent with the most boundless resources, but they stayed in the Stone age until dragged out of it kicking and screaming… Most are trying to return to it. Infrastructure crumbles anywhere that the old ways are restored. “Nothing works” is a common phrase.

The population of the continent was unable to grow. The genetic cancer culled itself.

Making it hard for them to kill each other has dire consequences.

We see this everywhere in nature.

Look at coyote populations and ferral hog populations. Coyotes are the best example because it’s so extreme. Exposure to human garbage eliminates the natural culling factors. Coyotes can go from unnoticed, to completely out of control in less than a decade, simply through exposure to garbage and the ability to walk.

The inability to civilize themselves is exactly what keeps them under control. The mere waste products of civilization can augment their proliferation by an order of magnitude instantaneously, because less than 1 in 10 survives to sexual maturity under natural conditions.

Give the coyote a smartphone, internet access, and the ability to mass communicate “they’re throwing away free food over here” to millions of starving coyotes in an instant…

Their populations migragte and explode at exponential rates. They don’t have time to learn and adapt to the living circumstances. They remain animals living within a castle… You invited millions of rabid dogs to the banquet…

You cannot force them to evolve.

When cloisters form, and they always do, the primordial mind is no longer exposed to the external stimulii that might elevate it. The pre-disposition takes over. Yes, it may be only a pre-disposition. Yes, they are just as capable of intelligent civilization. But! They are not sufficiently removed from the environment for the pre-disposition to shift. Taking them from environment A and thrusting them into drastically different environment B WILL NOT WORK. Civilization will be destroyed. Putting a little poison in the reservoir does not purify the poison, it makes the reservoir undrinkable. Putting a lot of poison in it obviously doesn’t solve the proble, you idiots!

The natural self-culling of the barbaric mind is the only thing that kept it from surging out of control. You want to eliminate the civilized concept of privacy rights, to put an end to that natural process! You’re doing two very bad things at once, which will assure a massive population explosion of the disease, and massively disadvantage the organism.

You’re deliberately dismantling the civilized concept, while providing an advantage to the invasive savage… You’re tearing down your own civilization. You’re granting massive advantage to those who can’t sustain or promote civilization. They have just barely Benn exposed to it! They can’t possibly be experts. They can’t even comprehend it.

I’ll say it yet again. You import hoardes of underdeveloped savages who can’t function properly in civilization, so you idiots believe the solution is to accommodate them by dismantling civilization?

No. Not enough. I’ll say it again.

The one and only thing that keeps them under control, is precisely the the thing you want to get rid of. And, worse, you’re going to get rid of it by destroying one of the cornerstone concepts of what it is to be a civilized society.

Brilliant. Fucking brilliant. You’re deliberately pulling the roof down on our heads, and I’m the bad guy for pointing it out…?

Fuck you. This is exactly why I’m keeping my guns.

The 4th Amendment is meant to protect a fundamental cornerstone upon which civilization is built. Many say that the 2ns Amendment is the foundation upon which all others a built. I used to agree. I see now that the 2nd Amendment is not any less valuable, but that the 4th is it’s equal. By destroying the 4th or the 1st, the 2nd can be torn down. They are interdependent and of equal value.

Sargon, buddy, authoritarianism plays directly into their hands. This is exactly what they want you to do. Once they have this power, what do you think they will do with it?

Look no further than “financial regulations” for your answer.

You’re giving them exactly what they want, you idiot…


Subscribe to one stupidity or the other, or you will be destroyed.

I do lean mostly conservative. I never see myself agreeing with the left. The issue lies in the fact that conservatives tend to be very, very stupid, and I am not. In matters where technology is involved or advanced, conservatives tend not to catch up and maintain ideas, views and attitudes that don’t make sense. In 1950 it made sense. But, technology has changed things. Many things stay the same, too. It’s the left that thinks “everything is different in [current year].” No. Fundamental truths did not change. On these points I agree with conservatives.


I never agree with idiot shitbag leftists.

I mostly agree with conservatives, but I’m kicked out of the clubhouse for understanding new concepts that they are too stupid to comprehend. Like women, conservatives more closely resemble glorified barnyard animals than people…

I love how it’s become “that night” and “the next morning” to these people. They know what you’re talking about without being more specific. It’s etched in their mind like a Japanese person seeing a mushroom cloud over Hiroshima…

it’s sad…

It’s sad that the judicial branch so rarely does the right thing, that it seems impressive on the occasion that it happens. It should be boring SOP that goes completely unnoticed. Doing the right thing should be business as usual, but it’s not… Not even close.

Charged with murder. But, will the charges be dropped once the initial outrage blows over? Is it just a show to appease the rabble they’ve roused? You have to keep watching them… They almost never make good on it…

They’re doing the right thing for once, or at least putting on the appearance of it… Let’s keep watching and see what happens.

I’d like to believe it’s the beginning of a trend. Could this be the start of the judicial branch applying proper justice, so that the people don’t have to seek it by other means? Will he be held to the higher standard they always talk about, but never apply?

Are the leftovers getting the message? Can the stupidity stop now? Yeah… I’m not buying it, either…

A man can dream…

A pack of exceedingly stupid trash once told me that integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Nah. That’s just having no evil in your heart. It’s the default condition of any decent person. It tells you the speaker of this line has temptation and needs to resist it. He has the urge to do evil when he’s not being watched, but manages to hold it back. Meaning, he has no integrity.

Integrity is taking a stand for what’s right even when you know you’re surrounded by evil, you know they’re watching, and you know they won’t let you live through it. Integrity is doing the right thing even when everyone is watching. Integrity is doing the right thing even when you know you’re going to die for it.

It’s easy to do the right thing when there won’t be a price to pay for doing it, because no one was watching. For a person with integrity, they just continue on as normal, whether or not they are beimg watched makes no difference. A hint that you’re dealing with someone like this, is that they behave no differently towards a stranger or a friend. They don’t censor themselves. They don’t alter themselves based on their company.

I’m accutely aware of this because I’m a sociopath that has to put on an act in everything I do. I know I have integrity, because I don’t change that act. I don’t do it to convince anyone or manipulate anyone. I do it not to be unsettling. Seing me without the act, devoid of the normal mannerisms to which they are accustomed, can be disturbing, because I’m not always good at it. A human being completely absent the animal parts, nothing but deliberate consciousness… The average dumbshit can’t handle it. I do it as a courtesy, I don’t like making people uncomfortable for no good reason. But, it can seem like I’m not genuine. Like I’m lying, or putting on an act… Because I am. Even when it might advantage me, I consciously choose to remain consistent. Most people don’t even realize this is an option. Their dishonesty is transparent when they choose the alter and augment. They don’t even know they’re doing it. I notice. Not because I have magical powers, but because I have no choice. I can’t not know.

I see you, ya dirty shits… I know exactly what you are. I hate it. I wish I could be a clueless idiot like you… Do you know what it’s like to walk past a child molester at Walmart, and there’s nothing I can do. I don’t have evidence. I’ve never spoken to this person, never met them before. Nothing I can do about it.

I’m surrounded by people who think they’re hiding their sicknesses, but I have to see it. Cops are the worst, by far. Incongruent. Mismatched. Scattered. But, never ashamed even though they’re aware. Bolstered by that sliver of State pinned to their chest. It’s an interesting dementia that the State breeds… Most are actually proud of their misdeeds. When you get called a hero and praised for degeneracy. I don’t even know a word for it. It’s just “being a cop,” and it’s not good…

they always gotta go woke…

Covering the facts is absolutely damning. This cop is a typical communist thug. Perfect example of why cops desperately need to be shot more. It’d be nice if there were a better way, but they’re rabid animals and judges have stripped us of any non-violent recourse per their slow-burn sedition. We can’t file a petition for redress when our rights are violated, because we don’t have any rights anymore. We have only one thing left…

But, no, they gotta take the woketrash angle, and everything important, that actually matters about this incident, disappears…

… sigh. I’m getting tired of saying it. This is why cops get shot, and they deserve it. Kill ’em ’till the leftovers get the fucking message. Communist tyrants are not welcome in the United States. Learn your fucking place and get in it, or we the people will find a new place for you; six feet under.

When man’s law is so corrupted that abortion of justice becomes SOP, Natural Law will replace it. Nature is messy and brutal.

Would be nice if seditious judges hadn’t stripped us of all other options, but they have, so that’s how it is now… And these dumb fuckin’ cops think it’s great. These judges are letting them off and using their bad behavior to torch the Constitution at the same time. These pigs don’t fucking care. They don’t even understand it. They’re just perverted animals who get off on getting away with what they do.

women are hopelessly stunted…

Women can only describe a matter from the limited library if concepts that their severely stunted brains can comprehend.

Ask a woman about cockroaches. Don’t be specific. Just bring up the topic of cockroaches in as banal and generic a way as you can. Her immediate response, every time, will be to tell you that she hates them. Think about that. Her feelings about cockroaches is not the topic. But, she made it all about her, and telling you how much she hates them. Nothing about cockroaches, which was the topic. Just telling you about her feelings about cockroaches. Completely self-absorbed. Could have mentioned all kinds of facts about cockroaches, but no. Just hate for them, and no reason why…

I’m no fan of cockroaches. But if the topic comes up, I don’t make it all about me and making you understand muh feelz. If I see a cockroach, I want to get rid if it. But I don’t hate them. It’s just a bug. A bug I don’t want around because it’s a potential disease carrier. Not as bad as a woman, but not good, either.

Yeah, I said it. Women carry far more disease than cockroaches. I don’t hate them, either. I just don’t want the nasty things around. See how I can talk about women and cockroaches without making it all about me? I can express that I’m not a fan of subhuman disease carriers, but I also discuss the actual topic factually without dwelling on making it all about my feelings, and how righteous those feelings are, while totally avoiding the actual subject matter.

Women don’t do this. They have hate, and that’s it. They don’t have reasons. They don’t have facts. They don’t have an argument. “But you don’t understand; me says I haz a hormone/feeling about it.” Me me me. Feelings are internal, selfish concepts. The problem isn’t that women are trained, socially, to focus on feelings. It’s that this is immature and selfish behavior. They’re just bratty chikdren, at best. Who wants to have a “relationship” with a bratty child?

Women know themselves to be garbage. This is why they have no respect for any man who expresses interest; he must be dumb and have no standards. It’s like Groucho Marx said: “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members.” Any man who would stoop so low as to find her desirable, isn’t much of a man. She can’t help but know this, because she knows every lie she’s ever told. She knows every scam she’s ever pulled. She knows every cheat. Every conflation. Every time sophistry worked. Every time she was fake offended and it got her what she wanted. She spends nearly every though perfecting her deceptions. How she’s going to tweak it next time to make it more believable, what she’ll have to change to make it work better on this guy or that guy. She knows where she’s been. She knows what she’s done. And with whom. You don’t know her history, and you never will. But, she does. It’s inherent to her low IQ to not understand that she makes this comparison with no conscious effort. She doesn’t know it’s happening. She can never explain it or articulate it. Why bother finding the words or understanding something you’re never going to admit anyway? Who would want such a vile beast? Only a desperate, idiot loser that comprehends only one thing… Which shows us, yet again, why women prefer degenerates. They ask ko questions. They have no standards. All they care about is pussy. They don’t comprehend anything else, so they don’t care about anything else.

“Men only care about one thing.”

No, the so-called “men” you can get are the ones that only care about one thing. The bottom of the barrel. Birds of a feather…

Any man who concerns himself about more than your pussy, makes you self conscious about all your gross failings. You reject a man that has standards and a brain as fast as possible. He makes you feel bad about yourself, the excuse goes. Muh feelz! No thought to actually change the ugly things about yourself, just find some loser whose shallow enough that he doesn’t care… Doesn’t even comprehend. He can’t know what you are, because he’s a dumb animal. Safe feelz. Never feel bad about what a stupid whore you are. Reduce it to nothing but body parts, insult any man with depth beyond that. Why endure knowing you don’t measure up to even the most basic of moral standards, when you can pre-emptively go on the offensive with hateful insults the moment you detect a moral compass, standards, or expectations? His virtues have value, do the most fun move is to slander him with false accusations. You know you don’t deserve and can never have a man of that Calibre anyway, so it’s not like you’re losing an opportunity. Smear his reputation so nobody else will want him. Strip him of his honor and dignity with lies.

All they can do is try to insult. “You’re gay!” Whatever… How many times has a loser hit on you, badly, you declined and he called you a lesbian? Wow, so impressive… It’s no more workable when you get rejected, slut.

MGTOW is simply men rejecting the unfit. The unfit throw a tantrum, because they are developmentally stunted, narcissistic idiots.

You wish we hated you. Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin. But you’re a developmentally stunted idiot. You don’t understand that the reason it stings so bad, is that it’s actually the 3rd option. There is no coin. Indifference. We just don’t care. I don’t lose sleep wondering whats going on in the dumpster behind my condo… Garbage just isn’t important to me. …well, except when it piles up and I’m surrounded by it and forced to deal with it… That’s why I burn it when I have the option.

OMG, look how much you hate the garbage! How does the garbage feel about being burned to ashes in a fire! Hitler burned the Jews, ya know! See what a hateful, evil man you are!

Yeah, whatever, idiots… That’s fucking ridiculous. Nobody wants that raising his children. You only dig your hole deeper with each silly attack.

“Oh damn! She called me a Nazi in a ridiculous false equivalency! I’m convinced! I want to enslave myself to her and make babies that she will neglect and abuse as weapons in a divorce! I’ve lost all control! I can’t stop myself! I must!” Said no man, ever…

A 40-year old hateful femtrash hag is not a viable partner. A femtrash hag at any age is not viable. I don’t have menopause. I’m a man… It is irrational and unnatural to shackle one’s self to the udtiot feminist notion that I have to “stick with my age group.” Why? It defies nature and science. Women are only viable in youth. It’s why men find youth attractive. It’s why women are desperate to hold onto their youth. They know it’s true.

By the time two people spend a few years verifying and building a suitable familial relationship, an 18-year-okd girl is 25. That’s about the limit. If she decided to whore around with those years instead, what sort of man is going to accept her and try to build a family with her now that she’s “ready to settle down?” He’s going to have to throw out reason and standards, and get to work fast! Skip the getting to know each other. Skip the building of the familial relationship. Knock her up quick, before she goes barren… It takes at least 7 years, and 32+ is no time to get started. Exactly the trap she wants. Exactly what no man should ever do to his would be children. How can she respect an idiot like that? She won’t… She instinctively knows. She knows the game she played. She knows he didn’t care… And the kids get caught in the middle.

Why shouldn’t a 40-year-old man court, not date, court, a 16-year-old if she expressed genuine interest, and demonstrates her head hadn’t been screwed up by femtrash nonsense? You can’t cite a logical reason not to. The femtrash say it’s rape… Wait? Who said anything physical was going on? Oh, right, whores assume and project… Why not get a 2-year jump on that minimum 7-year wait? With a girl who isn’t deranged? Make sure she never becomes derranged? Why shouldn’t families arrange these things? How dare a man be interested in more than getting into bed as fast as possible. SLANDER HIM!! He’s got Family Values! Burn him at the stake!

A girl that young can’t possibly under-

Back when they were taught and raised to think about such things, they did just fine… Way better than the current way of doing things. Women who are actually taught how to be women, turn out to be pretty good at being women! What a fucking surprise!

When the harpies say “She’s too young, she can’t know…” They’re really saying “We haven’t got our claws into her yet and screwed up her head so she’ll be just as shit as us! That takes time!”

They’re jealous. Their old, cranky hags that no one wants. They want to drag her down into their pit of shit. They’re crafty, too. If they try to come nvince every young woman, that’s a lot of hard work, every single one, one-on-one… It’s easy to mass market. Slander the man. Now he has a stigma. He’s “creepy” even though he’s minding his own business and has no idea this filthy social engineering is afoot. By no action or deed of his own, the best option has now been cast in darkness. She hates the best choice. Her brain is upside-down with unnatural manipulation by femtrash. You might even call feminists a “grooming gang.” But, men are the predators… Sure… The ones that’d prefer her untainted and unbroken, and keep her that way… Yeah, we’re the problem… Protect her, keep her safe and pure, and you call that a bad thing… Why? Because the thing a decent man would protect from from is YOU! You cannot accept that narrative! Where the truth is laid bare in bleaching sunlight, where we see you for the insidious filth that you are. No! Feminazi is the good ones! Men are all evil!

Woe unto those who call evil good, and good evil…


They want a powerful man, but dedicate their existence to stripping men of their power… Then complain incessantly that “can’t find a good man.” Bitch, you have no idea what “good man” means. You are idiot garbage. Please, keep saving your red flag in my face. It only makes you that much easier to avoid.

Lols, this comment sums it up, so I’ll just post it:

Most women go nuts within hours of being alone. They need attention and drama and chaos, this is their nature. Now some of them have hit the wall and reality has struck and struck hard.

Now to justify their fucked up life choices some of these pining anxious idiots are doubling down with the cowdung of ‘strong, independent woman’.

Oh and to let everybody know they are just fine while waiting for millionaire Chad to come sweep them away to a ‘new life’ just when they are ready to retire without any savings.

Bros before hos. Nobody smart enough to become a millionaire is inviting these trashy parasites along for the ride. That’s why they’re pissed. That’s why they’re addicted to social media ranting.

It’s a continuation of the delusion “men and women are the same.”

Nope. We’re not. Women need to constantly scream how happy they are to be alone, strong, independent, etc. Who are they trying to convince? Thou doth protest too much.

They’re garbage that only other garbage wants. They thrive on manipulation. It’s their lifeblood. You can’t manipulate when there’s no o e around to manipulate. They need constant interaction. They need dirty games to play, they need to get one over on someone else. If there’s no one around to decieve, what good is your deception? They need a constant supply of victims, while pretending that they are the victims. They’re parasites. They know it. The only person they’re really trying to convince, is themselves. Take away their host, they go nuts.

I don’t have to shove it in your face; that I am not just fine with being alone, I like it. I don’t have to tell you that “I don’t give a fuck” in some desperate attempt to prove I’m a badass or whatever. If you’re too stupid to figure it out, that’s not my problem, either. I don’t need anyone to believe a lie I told. I don’t want to manipulate anyone, that’s the general purpose of lies, and most importantly, there’s no one around to hear it even if I did lie. So, I have no use for the “skill” of being a lying, manipulative piece of shit. Only those who participate in “social” behaviors have a use for that. I don’t mean to demean the concept of socialization. Just that in a society of scum, getting in the cesspool is becoming the cesspool. You’re going to have to be a filthy piece of shit of you want to be the biggest turd in the bowl.

I’m not interested. I don’t want to be in your bowl of turds. I’m not interested in being a turd, biggest or otherwise.

Even if you take first place at the Special Olympics, you’re still retarded.

Being the biggest turd in the bowl makes you nothing more than the biggest piece if shit among other pieces of shit. Yet they brag about it like it’s a good thing. They mock those who aren’t shit… “You’re not even a piece of shit! You’re not even a big or small turd! You’re not a turd at all!” Uh, yeah? I rather like not being a piece of shit….

The mockery of virtue. They see the higher standard, know themselves short of it, so they call names… Abuse. It’s the only card they’ve got left. Any form of casting ugliness towards someone they can’t touch. It only proves that they can’t touch…

If you declare that a fish is a failure due to its inability to climb a tree; it is not the fish which has failed. Fish aren’t supposed to climb trees, you dumb piece of shit!

I’m terrible at being a piece of shit. I’ll never fit into a society that glorifies being a piece of shit.


I’ve been warning you for decades…

Communism is the future of the USA because Conservatives refused to be Conservatives for decades. RINOs. Fake Republicans. Boomers. “Being Reasonable” under exceptionally unreasonable circumstances, and too stupid to realize it, denying it, deluding themselves and lying even when they do notice…

Absolute implosion. Kill all the white men.

Then what? You’re already sitting on the debt bomb to end all debt to bombs… Who’s going to pay for all your free shit when the only productive, intelligent segment of your population is gone?

Look at the extremes the State Department goes to trying to shore up the exodus of winners.

It’s too late. The event horizon passed in the 90s. There’s no going back.

Import the idiots of the 3rd world, become the idiots of the 3rd world. Have you had a look at Central and South America for the last 2 centuries? Yeah. And you’re bringing in Africa and Arabia, too… So much shit has never been mixed in the same bowl before.


And you evil witches act surprised when bad shit happens? Of course, you have to put on your surprised face. How could anyone defy your tyranny? Must be another bigot…

Anyone who disagrees with communist femtrash must be destroyed.

hating China is stupid

Is everyone in the USA an evil, left-wing Communist Democrat piece of shit?


Neither is everyone in China.

This idea that “that country” is a monolith is always used, while in the same breath point of my out how not a monolith one’s own country is…

The Chinese suffer under exactly the bullshit the Democrats are trying to implement in the USA. They lost the fight. You’d think “Freedom-loving Americans” would understand and sympathize with this… You’d think “Freedom-loving Americans” would want to help them find ght against their oppressive Democrat government, as “Americans” fight the same battle in their own land. But, no…

Worse… The “trade war” is a losing game. The Chinese Government has been planning the Trade War for decades. Their entire intent for the last few decades has been to use fiscal and industrial backdoor diplomacy. They’re perfectly happy to be king of the ashes. King is King. Of what, means nothing to them. Burning their enemies to the ground is winning. They’ve been using money and infrastructure in Africa, and cheap labor and Manufacturing to hook the west. The game is to make you dependent, then pull the rug out from under you. They’ve been preparing for it for decades.

Trump’s trade war is nothing more than moving the schedule forward on their own plan.

The Chinese have diversified, because they didn’t have to anticipate ‘Grnius Trump’s” move… It was their own idea long before “Genius Trump” decided to execute their own land on their behalf…

Chinese Government: “Oh no, Br’er Bear, not the briar patch!”

Chinese industry has spread across all of southeast Asia. The monolithic idiot sees “not doing business with China anymore.” Sure, it’s Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand… But, the companies are wholey owned subsidiaries of Chinese corporations. Anywhere you find industrialization, it’s Chinese. You can’t avoid doing business with them. They’re already everywhere.

This was their plan all along. They look like the good guys to all their neighbors. Oh my, the big bad USA is putting tarriffs on them, and all the jobs come to neighboring countries… The money ultimately still goes back to China, but look at all the business flowing through all these other, untarriffed countries in South East Asia… It’s good for them. They know it’s crumbs, but them are mighty big crumbs. And crumbs are better than nothing…

This was the plan all along. Trump panders to all the idiots, and the only people who suffer are the dumb “Americans” who cheer for it because “fuck the Chinese!” The more Trump executes China’s own plan, the more Chaina pretends it’s hurting them… While their goodwill and influence grow ahead of schedule! He’s playing right into their hands, and the dumbfuck “Americans” cheer. Unlike most politicians, Trump isn’t actually leveraging this for support. We the People have simply elected someone who is as genuinely stupid as themselves. The Chinese Government couldn’t have set it up better themselves. Which is why they existed, up to this point, in a perpetual “preparing” mode. Which has put them in the best position they could have asked for. Then along comes Trump and he does exactly what they couldn’t figure out how to initiate! He did exactly what they didn’t even know they wanted!

The Chinese Government want power and control. They don’t care about collateral damage. It’s beyond “they don’t care.” The concepts that Westerner’s think are contentious, do not exist in Asian cultures. There is no morality. There is no good and bad. There is only what you can dominate, and what makes you look bad because you failed to dominate it. There is nothing wrong about lying, cheating, stealing, or killing. They don’t have words for moral concepts. You can’t even translate it. The idea doesn’t exist, which is why there is no translation for it. The exact conditions n of your surroundings, the peasants, etc. Is not relevant. All that matters is that you are on top. There is no other perspective to have. We take moral umbridge at the nothing of scirtched earth. Thus distinction, this idea, is more complex than East Asian minds bother to compute. It’s not a thing for them. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s that this idea doesn’t exist. Of course they don’t have a problem with an idea that doesn’t exist in their minds or culture.

Lay your enemies low. Rule their ashes.

The trade war isn’t affecting China. But, they know that as long as the trumptards think they’re winning, they’ll keep doing what they’re doing… So, pretend to be injured by it. Thus goes beyond “never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” What the trumptards are doing us helping the Chinese Government in a way they could be er even figure out on their own! It’s a gift! Trump isn’t just making a mistake, he’s helping the enemy. He’s not a traitor, he’s just an idiot. An idiot with a huge ego that assured him that he is right every time a stadium full of bigger idiots cheers for him. Yes men… This helps the Chinese Government every time, they feign pain, and it intensifies… “Oh yeah? Making you rich and improving your reputation and forging allies hurts real bad, eh? Well, here you go! Have MORE money, create stronger bonds with your allies! Make them stronger and richer, too!” Yeah, that’ll show ’em…

Patriot Prayer is not hunting anyone.

A proper headline would read: Communist Terrorist dies when attempted violent roadblock fails.

The Mayor of Portland has been prompting violence by antifa. The police do nothing to stop them. They take over wide areas of the city for days at a time, attacking people, blocking traffic, etc.

If someone who gets attacked dares to defend himself, he is labeled “a member of Patriot Prayer, Alt-right” and worse by the police, even though it’s just some random people who are totally uninvolved… The police go after anyone who opposes Antifa, but do nothing to stop Antifa…

And worse, the bastardization of language. None of these people are Anarchists… None. I don’t care if they call themselves Anarchists. When a deviant puts on a dress and declares himself a woman, that doesn’t make it so… When a Communist Terrorist calls himself the opposite of a Communist Terrorist, that doesn’t make it so… The propaganda surrounding the word “Anarchist” has bent it to the complete opposite of what it really is… Black is white, up is down, short is long. Honk! Honk!

…and the government is in full support. The police and the mayor do nothing to hunt down the thousands of Communist Terrorists. Even with the police standing RIGHT THERE, they just watch as antifa attack. If the person being attacked tries to defend himself, the police join in with the attack and assist antifa in beating the guy! On the rare occasion a cops does the right thing and arrests an antifa Terrorist, charges are dropped immediately.

It’s never been more obvious that government and antifa are not seperate entities. They work together, because they are on the same team. A distinction without a difference.

Government is in full scale revolt against we the people and our constitution. …and the fat, stupid “Americans” don’t do a thing… Whatever… What’s on TV next? Muh baseball! Muh welfare! Muh hamburgers! Muh Tinder whoring!

Oh, yeah… Glad this Communist Terrorist is dead. Only how many million more to go? Keep killing these pieces of shit, and the US might become civilized again… Ah, a man can dream…

already here

It’s already in the US. They infiltrated through the Health Care/Medical system.

I cannot get any form of medical services, period. My money isn’t accepted. Cards, cash, nothing. I’m simply refused because I don’t conform to the agenda. I can’t even get basic blood tests for enzymes and kidney function. Nothing.

I have to leave the country and go somewhere that doesn’t use “insurance” as a thinly veiled social credit system. You tow the line for The Party, you give The Party tones if money via “insurance,” or you are denied, even if you can pay out of pocket. I tried several times. Cash on hand. Perfectly capable of paying the grossly overpriced bill in advance! Denied! Not a supporter of The Party!

You don’t have The Card of The Party, no medical care for you!

Name one person who has a problem with it? Nobody. I reject Communism. I deserve to be cut-off from health and medical services.

I can’t even get the most common of antibiotics. I caught a nasty upper respiratory infection from driving my bike still n the rain with a broken visit. In the US, the communists use “prescriptions” for simple things to gatrkeep health services and make sure only members of The Party can get them. Even if I’m willing to pay the requested several hundred dollars, they simply refuse services because I am not a member of The Party.

Withing spitting distance of my condo in Thailand is a pharmacy with a box full of Amoxacillin. I was told I’m allergic to Amoxacillin by the superior US medical system many years ago when it was still available to me. I should avoid all -cillins. I wonder. So, for less than $2 I get a 14 day supply of Amoxacillin. No allergic reaction. I’m doing just fine. Huh… Whoda think it!

I go halfway around the world to a country that couldn’t be more foreign. Pleasant, efficient, helpful, and dirt cheap! All services needed, plus hotel, food and airfare was still cheaper than the bill in the US that I wasn’t even allowed to pay, even with the money in hand, in advance! It was just basic blood tests, and for fun I threw in ever STD test known to man. Still cost less. Paid in cash. Nobody gave me any lip. Not one feminist accused me of being a rapist, like happened at the walk in clinic in the US. I thought the bill was a mistake it was so cheap! What the US clinic told me would cost over $2,000 (and is forbidden anyways so get out you evil white man), was under $200. More than an order of magnitude, without any subsidies or insurance. Simple free-market. Nice. No political bullshit. No prejudice. No scams.

The US has become a worthless, communist shithole, and no one there has a problem with it. They like it. They think it’s good. They enjoy seeing people treated as I was. You’re not on board with The Party, you deserve it… Everyone has this evil mentality.

No society has ever survived such a thing. Collapse is unavoidable. …and they fucking deserve it.

it takes this…

Women demand hell, then they want to be saved from it by the people they sent there… Until it finally happens to them. Then, suddenly, it becomes a bad thing… Why? All the men they want to mooch off of are gone! Pure selfishness. Even a dead man is seen as nothing but a problem for women; they can’t leach off of a dead guy! The parasite kills the host, then the parasite cries out for the injustice of it! How will the poor, abused, helpless, neglected parasite survive? The dumb and the weak, who fall for the deceptions and manipulations, are gone. Even the lowliest of the species won’t have them anymore, the best specimens having long deserted… Always, blame the man… Especially the man who’s long gone and has nothing whatsoever to do with it… The absent don’t argue. The lies spiral ever downward… Let them pull it down on their own heads. Burn baby, burn!

Women have become parasitic, demonic trash. They reject their own nature. They reject all that is good and decent. They hate their own families. They destroy childhoods for profit and fun. Lie, cheat, steal, kill. No decent person can have desire for the embodyment of all that is evil and rotting.

Sargon is derp on this one…

Gay Marriage was legalized, and a few years later where are we? Gay supremacy. Apply for a job, and just like a woman, you’re at the front of the line for being gay. Experience, qualifications, etc., are irrelevant. Just one example… Drag queen story hour, sexualizing children into gay and trans sickness is acceptable because it’s not heterosexual. Pedophilia is a protected status, not a crime.

And women voted for it. They still push it. They slander anyone who dares oppose it. Women want annihilation of all that is good and decent. Women are evil degenerates.

But, the most obvious bullshit if it is something that happens to me a few times a month…

Gay man: [flirts with me]
Me: I’m not gay.
Gay man: Don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it!
Me: So, you’re saying it’s a choice…

It’s not your choice if you’re drawn to it…

What about those drawn to pedophilia? What about those drawn to killing others? What about… All forms of degeneracy exist. Converting it into a supreme protected class, and putting decent people below them as second-class citizens, then proceeding on to declare that all in opposition are sub-human, have no rights, are “deplorables” holding back utopia, “those people” are holding back the advancement of humanity, we must throw off these shackles by rounding them up and gassing them…

You won’t find a single Democrat opposed. The left always ends up here, which is why history is censored and lied about. If you knew history was being repeated, they would never succeed. If the warning signs were taught in school, there’d be no hope for this rot. owners know exactly those censored parts if history, because it is found in studying the history of guns. This is why guns and gun owners are hated. We know exactly what is being hidden, and we know exactly what to do about it. this is why those who study guns become the slyr “gun nut.” It’s a logical result of the ugliness you learn about when you uncover the censored pieces of history, and see it growing all around you. The only way to avoid it is wilfull ignorance. The refusal to learn. The refusal to look into the places you’ve been told not to look by the very people perpetrating this decay and destruction. Women love it… Death, degeneracy, rot… It’s a woman’s sick pleasure to spread it. The oldest profession on Earth can only be performed by those who have the proper equipment… It’s no more obvious than where I’m living now.

so much privilege…

How dare you criticize the retarded vagbrat! She’s a retarded vagbrat! You have to obey her! How dare you refuse! How dare you criticize! Facts don’t matter because you used them to ATTACK the retarded vagbrat! Invalid! Obey the retarded vagbrat!

She’s not immune to criticism because if her age. That’s just one of the reasons. She has many mental defects. She’s a she. She has the correct opinions. All of this adds up to deleting reality. Yes, she responds poorly to stress. Which just makes you even that much more of a mwanie-face poopie-head for opposite ng her! She can’t handle it! You must obey because she might cry if you don’t! You made a retarded vagbrat cry! That makes you wrong about everything forever. Whatever you say becomes wrong because you said it! If you say “1 + 1 = 2” then that isn’t true anymore! You’re a bigot and a racist! Aahhh, stop raping me with disagreement and ideas I hate!!! Police! Help! I hate this guy! He, like, raped me by not obeying my stupid demands!