you wanted this

All that is necessarry for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing.

Knowing this to be true, when good men still do nothing; they cease to be good men.

But… When these cowards backstab those who refuse to sit there and do nothing… Evil has already won.

this is hardly news or a big deal. it’s much worse in the US

I had to leave the country just to have some blood tests done. I’ve been refused treatment in every medical services point of interest I’ve set foot in for decades. Most failed to state a reason (because the reason is “fuck you white man”), but a few, more recently, were bold enough to say it to my face.

I’m glad I had to leave the country. The grass really is greener elsewhere. A lot greener. You don’t realize just how evil the US has become until you spend some time in a place that hasn’t implemented Bolshevism as the US has. It’s no utopia, but medical services are actually available to me, and super affordable. People are pleasant to associate with. Cops are much less corrupt. Government is actually helpful. Plenty of people live in dirt with a smile on their face, because they’re not under the boot.

Freedom is more valuable than money and power. The US is already a giant gulag. Pretty much anything is better than communism. That was includes 3rd world shitholes. I’ve yet to find a 3rd world shithole that isn’t better than the US. Granted, I’ve only sought out a few. But, all a drastic improvement over the US.

why not?

They played the “words don’t mean what words mean” game with bump stocks. Why not everything else, too?

This is exactly what I told you would happen. Once the precedent is set that the government can simply lie and invent fake, new meanings for words, the rule of law will disintegrate. The meaning of law can be altered at will by inventing new meanings for the words the law uses. Law becomes meaningless.

They crossed this line by lying about bump stocks. Nobody bothered to debunk it. Now the precedent stands. The meaning of the law can be altered in place without any due process by altering the meaning of words, or simply lying.

muh health care

I’m refused medical care altogether in the US. I can’t even get a basic blood battery. Worse, there is blatant prejudice. If they suspect you oppose wokeness, there will be an “accident.” Hospitals are the new gas chambers.

Why can I buy Amoxacillin, 20x, 500mg for $2 OTC in Thailand, but in the US, I have to get a $300 permission slip from a “doctor” who won’t even see me because she suspects I’m not a fellow communist, to then go to another store with that permission slip and be forced to pay over $40? Oh, but nevermind. I’m not allowed to have the permission slip anyway. Commies only. Prove you’re a commie or no medical care for you!

Why are cops sadistic perverts?

Because the realities of the job are exactly what a sadistic pervert wants. Only a sadistic pervert wants the job.

The closer to communism you get, the worse the cops get. This is why cops love communism. Only communism let’s them do this, and calls them heroes for it.

How many fucking times have I told you? Cops are just child molesters who couldn’t get up the nerve. A few years of Bolshevik judges helping them get away with any damn thing they want… They find the nerve.

All cops are like this. It’s the nature of the power of being a cop. Only sadistic perverts want to be cops.

How many “isolated incidents” until you pull your head out if your ass and figure out that, no, it’s not an isolated incident. This is what government, cops, judges, politicians are. They are all the same. They are all like this.

I have first-hand experience with the Government/police hiring process. Degenerate trash only. If you’re the slightest bit decent, they don’t want you.

They don’t have problems with standards. These evil freaks didn’t slip through the cracks. This is deliberate. By design. This is exactly what Government is looking for. They “train” to amplify this sickness.

Just like the bullshit “integrity is what you do when no one is watching” bit. The language exposes the psychology. They struggle with doing the right thing when no one is watching. They see it as a challenge. A test.

It’s a lie told from the perspective of a degenerate. They don’t know it’s a lie. From the perspective of a sadistic pervert, it seems true.

Integrity is having no desire to do wrong in the first place. There is no challenge. You didn’t even notice if someone was looking or not. Because it’s not relevant.

The issue is not that he killed 4 whamenz. The issue is that he had a desire to do so in the first place. Which the state knew. These sadistic proclivities are the reason they chose him for the job. It’s not an accident. It’s not an isolated incident. It is exactly what government intended.

still looking…

…ok, no, I’m not looking. Why? I was trying to find a woman who didn’t have this attitude, or a minor augmentation if it. They don’t exist.

All women have this hateful attitude? Think I’m wrong? You think you know an exception? Stand up. Get off your knees. Take off your leash. Refuse to be a slave. Refuse to be treated like a pet. Refuse to tolerate being looked down on as an inferior. See what your “exception” has to say about it. Suggest to her just one time that men are people of equal stature to women. I dare you.

Yeah, you’re not going to do it because you already know whats going to happen. False accusations. Police. If you don’t get shot, you’ll end up in prison. Money siezed. Property siezed. Life ruined. Reputation ruined. Ostracised. Excommunicated. All for the unforgivable crime of suggesting yourself to be a person.

Feminism is communism in panties. They will tolerate no dissent. Only a damn fool associates with women anymore.

It doesn’t matter the color. Women hate and want to destroy any man who rejects slavery. Government is on their side. Crotch worship is mandated. Get on your knees and beg for your own existence, white man!

It’s nice to live somewhere that people like this are the exception instead of the rule. Fuck you! :-)

you brought this on yourselves

Cops are communist thugs. They deserve this for following orders from these evil politicians. Yes. It is pure luck. Luck that the people doing this are clumsy and stupid. Keep pushing this communist BS and soon you’ll be dealing with us who are good at it. I’ve been pleading for decades to turn this handbasket around. Those of us who are good at this, know how ugly the ultimate stupidity is. We don’t want to do it. Quit pushing the communist agenda or we will have no choice but to do the dark and ugly things we are good at…

The narrator is stupid. These cops are anti-constitution communist thugs. It’s so sad that conservative Republitards are so fantastically stupid that they can’t figure it out, and end up supporting communism and the dismantling of the Constitution… Stupidity and Stockholm Syndrome…

Both sides of this argument are stupid, egotistical liars. This situation can do nothing but get worse.

The objective is to blame guns. Only complete tyranny can make “peace,” through total enslavement, when human beings are denied their fundamental right to own, carry, and use guns.

Notice that they conveniently forget to mention that every major city, either by law or by brainwashing, have banned guns for everyone except the criminals. Deliberately increasing violence. Ramping up the social engineering war against intelligence, masculinity, productivity, etc… Doing everything they can to make the walls close in from every direction all at once.

And the police fucking love it! The worse it gets, the longer their leashes get. Until, eventually, as all communist regiems do; they are turned loose entirely to do whatever the hell they please to anyone. The people hired for the job get increasingly sadistic and perverse. Then the economic collapse ends all oversight. Total gun control gives them ultimate power.

This is exactly what they want. Following the blueprint of history where exactly the same damn thing has been done over and over again, and the evil bastards censor and lie about it. “That wasn’t real communism!” “It’ll be different this time!” “It can’t happen in my country!”

The police are always, always, always, leading the charge for genocide. Not one exception. It’s the motherfucking police every single fucking time. It’s not different this time. The police are Satan.

Police have become exactly the same evil as they always have. Republitards keep on worshipping them anyway… Fucking stupid.

Which liar do you believe?

This is what happens when Government goes out of its way to screen out decent people, and hire only the worst degenerates it can find.

The problem is not that cops are crap. The crap is pre-existing. The problem is that crap is carefully selected for the job by much larger turds.

…or are we being White Knights? Women lie about this constantly. How do we know any of it is real? I’ve never even heard a story about a rape or sexual assault, reported by a woman, that wasn’t completely made-up bullshit… Women do nothing but lie, lie, and lie some more.

When do you believe? The demented, evil, serial liar cops? Or the demented, evil, serial liar women? Maybe the demented, evil, serial liar niggers?

Everyone is a piece of shit these days… Fuck off. I’m out.

It’s called a uniform for a reason; you’re all the same. The whole purpose of the uniform is to, uh, be uniform… To demonstrate that one is no different from another. You all stand together. All cops are guilty of what one cop does.

when you need them most … that’s when they strike

Janice Fiamengo is one hell of a woman. I admit to the sin of jealousy. Her husband is one fantastically fortunate fellow.

When a husband deals with horrors that leave him shattered and broken… When he deals with these horrors so that women can sit in air-conditioned comfort on their ever-widening asses and be entertained watching it… When he needs her most, that’s when she’ll stab him in the back.

…for richer of for poorer, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, ’til I get bored and greedy enough to fuck him over. Blah, blah, blah, whatever; skip to the part where I collude with government to steal everything and slander him into oblivion.

Women are evil trash. Of course they fuck gangsters and thugs; no one else wants them.

when government attacks

When police murder white people for sport (in much greater numbers), it doesn’t even make the news, much less with baby pictures…

Not sticking up for this degenerate. He got what he deserved. One less ghetto trash…

Remove police from all 50%+ democrat voting districts. It will become a self-solving problem. Most of them want it anyway… Let them have what they wish for.

get used to it

Treason has consequences. You wear the uniform because it represents that you are all the same. When you commit attrocities against the people, and the seditious judges let you off, you have not escaped justice. You’ve just traded one form of it for another… You deserve this. A lot more of this. Get used to it. We the People are coming for you worthless, evil pieces of shit. You should beg the judges to stop letting you off. The alternative is more read cops. And you degenerate pieces of shit absolutely deserve it.

The only thing worse than a child rapist, is a cop.

An assassination attempt… No. It was Homeland Defense against terrorists.

When Government fears the people, there is Liberty. When the people fear the Government, there is tyranny.

When you reject civilized justice, you make uncivilized justice inevitable. Arrogance will not save you. If you wear the badge, you are a communist terrorist. You deserve to live in fear, and your family deserves to see you die for being sick enough to love such evil. Your kids are better off without such trash for a parent. You absolutely do not deserve to live.

Don’t they have insane gun control there? How could this happen? Gun control!

Police are Satan. They have declared war and will kill anyone they feel like. I don’t make the rules, I just acknowledge them. If you don’t kill every cop you see immediately, it’s damn near guaranteed that they will kill you. You don’t get to pretend that all is well. You don’t get to pretend that cops haven’t declared war. They are hunting you and killing you every day. It’s about fucking time they got a taste of their own medicine.

mouthing off…

It’s a self-fulfilling paradox.

When you’re such a mouthy bitch that all you can get is a loser for a husband, eventually, that loser is going to have his fill of you being a mouthy bitch.

Ah, the circle of life! Karma! The worse women get, the more trash they have to settle for (while cranking up the delusion to 11 and calling him a big, strong macho man for his fragile, overcompensation), the more this will happen. Ha! Keep importing the 3rd world because the men here are hip to your games and won’t give you the time if day. Good! Good! Let the downward spiral of delusion and stupidity continue! Burn you stupid whores, burn!

A real man won’t find himself in that position because he won’t put up with a mouthy bitch in the first place. We let those worthless women cry about “why can’t I find a good man” on daytime TV that nobody with a brain watches. Postulate with your passive-aggressive materialistic insults-posing-as-standards, which you’re so lacking in self-awareness that you don’t even realize you’re calling yourselves out as trash while you do it…

Lols, not my problem! So long, hateful hags! Have fun! Real Men are done with you! Try not to be too much of a mouthy cunt to the losers you end up with, they just might kill you! I’ll be on a beach, somewhere far away, having a chuckle about it… Well, if I remember you exist when I get there…

You deserve this.

in the beginning…

I couldn’t take this guy when he first started. He wore his dick on his sleeve just like the cops. He went out deliberately looking for a fight. Just like cops…

But he’s really matured. He still puts that aggressive persona out there, but you can tell he’s grown a brain and the ego bullshit is on a leash now.

I look up to the good auditors out there. I do not have the patience for these evil, communist, fuckbag cops… If I have to deal with these worthless, shitbag, soyboys, it’s almost a guarantee that it will end with gunfire and body bags. I’ve run out of patience for evil pervert traitors pushing Bolshevism, and shitting all over the Bill of Rights. This is why I left the country. It’s only a matter of time before one of these shitbag communist traitor cops decides to fuck with me, and it will end badly.

I give zero fucks if “I got a call” comes out of your worthless cunt of a mouth. The Bill of Rights does not get deleted just because some communist asshole dialed a phone number and made up some fake, delusional, neurotic, hateful “concern.”

If all it takes to delete the Bill of Rights is some hateful, lying cunt with a cell phone, the US is doomed.

If we have so many cops with so many cars and so much free time, that they can respond to such bullshit; we have waayyy too fucking much Government. Get rid of 85% of cops. We don’t need this shit. We can’t afford this shit. There are too many positions to fill, and the dregs keep getting the job out of desperation to fill the hole with a warm body.

What happened to the simple, innocent joy of kids playing on the playground? A child’s laughter? Why is it so terrible for someone to take a lunch break near a playground and take in these simple, wholesome things? You’re a cunt. Fuck off and die.

When out in public, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. If you think every human being on Earth is a pervert having impure thoughts about your children, you need to get off the feminist tumbler bullshit and go fuck yourself with a pencil sharpener. I feel sorry that your children have such a worthless piece of shit like you for a parent, and I feel sorry for the human genome. You are trash. You drag us all down. Fuck you.

No. The cops don’t need to respond to every call. The problem is hiring communist political activists in Dispatch. They never send cops after fellow communists. They control when and where cops go. They control the flow of information the cops get. They help craft the false narrative by twisting words, failing to relay information properly, etc. Cops need to figure out that they can’t trust Dispatch.

It’s not always Dispatch that’s lying, or helping the leftist who called in use the cops to kill someone they hate. Sometimes the caller just straight up lies. But, nothing ever happens because filing a false report is a crime which is never prosecuted. Hmm… Wonder why… Maybe this kind if shit would stop? Exactly. These evil pigs don’t want this shit to stop. They know it’s lies and bullshit. But it’s lies and bullshit they can use to kill people. They don’t want excuses to murder people to go away.

I’ve heard ThinkLikeACop explain several times that he has to act on the information he has. Duh. But, what if your information isn’t really information? Are cops utterly unable to figure out that communists/feminists love to dial 911 and tell a bunch of lies? No. Cops aren’t that stupid. They know this happens. They just play along because they like to kill people.

You think that prosecuting false reports will discourage people from reporting real problems? Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit! The fact that dialing 911 is like playing Russian Roulette is far worse, and already in full effect. You don’t ever want to call because you never know what kind of unhinged mental defective is going to show up and start killing people. More often than not, you’re better off with out the cops. There’s nothing in the world so bad that involving a fuckhead cop can’t make it worse.

nailed it

Government seeded this crap.

Give all the guns to demented perverts who want to be part of government, then piss them off by screwing them over; what could possibly go wrong! When will you assholes start paying attention? Government should never have any weapons of any kind!

Women absolutely love this shit. It means more power for their crotch commie government… Kill more people as an excuse for killing more people! Women!