so glad someone said it…

This guy was not an anarchist. He was the opposite of an anarchist. He was a communist terrorist.

I’m so glad someone actually covered this topic. Absolutely nailed it. I’ve watched my identity be bastardized by language revisionists. I’m an anarchist, and putting a fake, new scary definition to it pisses me off… The core of anarchism is voluntarism.

There’s nothing voluntary about throwing firebombs at people and property that isn’t your’s. Ergo, the guy was obviously NOT an anarchist.

Speaking of… Weren’t the firebombs banned? AR-firebombs? Ghost firebombs? Make it MORE illegal? Maybe if we made a law that banned killing people? Oh, wait…

I’ve called for counter-violence, also known as self-defense or defense of another. I’ve been threatened by the state for it, and naturally, they fraudulently misrepresent it as “incitement.”

Resisting communist terrorism is bad, m’kay! You just have to let them get away with whatever they want, m’kay! Including killing you, m’kay!

It doesn’t matter if that terrorist is wearing a black mask and is a member of the JBGC, or wearing a badge and a uniform and a member of the local Blue ISIS not-so-sleeper cell. A communist terrorist is a communist terrorist. That’s the opposite of anarchist!

The Clown World lies intensify…

not much to say…

Pumps market, eh? You idiots might want to take a second look… Pump? We’re still using this word in [current year]?

Just read the comments… It’s so sad to see how badly cryptocurrency has degenerated. I thought they were retarded 5 years ago, holy shit man…

Trump hasn’t a clue, as pretty much any Boomer. But, even a broken clock is right twice a day… BTC is garbage. Always was. But, it became a true dumpster fire when the devs that control it outright refused to innovate or address any of it’s defects or lack of feature set. Total garbage is king of the hill… copycats and one-trick-ponies are no better.

Crypto as a whole has disappeared up its own asshole. The few Legitimate projects have been crushed and forgotten by grossly fraudulent and deliberately malicious government regulation. Scams and bullshit have been pushed to the forefront by government propagandists. Pretty much everything in crypto is a scam now. As crazy as McAfee is, he’s right about that count…

…so, that’s really nothing new. Most of crypto has always been a scam. They key difference is that since about 2014, the government has been suppressing everything that’s not a scam.

Market and development sabotage at a level never before witnessed in recorded history.

There’s no one but Tulip/Ponzi fools left. Trading worthless copycat abbreviations on insecure exchanges… We knew this was going nowhere back in 2012. The get-rich-quick losers of 2017 only repeated the same old games.

The normies are burned out. It’s all a big hilarious mess to them. They don’t know how any of it works and they don’t care.

“Top performers of the week!” Wut? Just chart Ouija board crap. What innovation occured this week? Perform. I don’t think that word means what you think it means, idiots… What major developments have any of the top 10 market cap coins made? Fuckin’ nothing! For years! They don’t do shit! They fix nothing. They improve nothing. They innovate nothing. Performance!

I told you it was going to be a shitshow… So many babies thrown out with the bathwater. It’s a damn shame.

Followed up by the “it facilitates teh crimez!” nonsense. Even the FUD and misinformation is old, fake news… US dollars in US banks facilitate many orders of magnitude more crime and fraud than anything else on Earth…

Clown World, indeed. Just when you think it can’t get dumber, they find a way… What an incredible wasteland of bullshit where once existed so many possibilities, so much hope for the future…

Government proves it can and will destroy all good things, yet again.

Looking out on crypto today is like a sad ghost town of yesteryear’s movie merchandising toys…


This dude was not an anarchist. He was a communist terrorist LARPing as an anarchist. He’s the reason real anarchists (me) don’t call ourselves anarchists anymore.

It’s not merely a misnomer, it’s the complete opposite of reality. This guy is the opposite of an anarchist.

Anarchism is just the less pragmatic version of Libertarianism. A foundational concept of which is non-aggression and voluntarism. No anarchist would ever firebomb and attack, well, anyone; except in self-defense or defense of another.

Black is white. Up is down. Short is long. Everything is a twisted lie in clown world…

Will the cops/government figure it out? Will they stop supporting antifa? Probably not, they created antifa… I’d like to believe there is a civil war of good guys and bad guys in government… That there are good people fighting this cancer within… But I see no evidence of it, and what evidence I do find suggests the guv isn’t smart enough to figure out the environment, much less which players/actors are which. As always, Democrats are the evil party, Republicans are the stupid party.

It irritates me to no end, how language has been bastardized. Words don’t mean what words mean anymore. I’m forced to adopt new language for reasons much worse than the trashy, coercive “use my pronouns” crap. I’m forced to change my words because good is bad, light is dark, bitter is sweet.

Nobody knows what anarchism actually is! Only the upside-down world definition exists anymore. Truth is dead. Fact is dead. Only the lies remain.

One cannot speak anymore. He doesn’t know if the real definition of a word is being heard, or the opposite clown world fake definition.

No matter what you say, it can be twisted easilly now that words don’t mean what they mean.

Anyway… Glad this fucker is dead. It’s probably just a fluke, but glad the cops got it right this time. However, the propaganda machine is in full effect. Sure, this guy called himself an anarchist. Doesn’t make it true anymore than trannies mad that they can’t get pregnant… He’s the complete opposite of an anarchist, but that won’t stop the propagandists from using their Orwellian news-speak… Never let a tragedy go to waste.

Fuck, I hate this place. Like Carl Benjamin calling himself a “Classical Liberal,” do I have to use the prefix “Classical” to explain what should be simple? Classical Anarchist? Does anyone even know what that means? Could anyone even spell it? Having an IQ above 80 is a crime…


It’s the hardest thing to say. Everyone around you mocks you for it.

“So, you’re the only one who’s not insane. Everyone else is stupid. Sure, buddy.”

The most insidious gaslighting is that of an evil society collapsing.

It’s true. Sometimes you are the only sane one in the room. The sickness spreads… You’re the only sane one in the building. The only sane one on the block. The only sane one in the city. The only sane one in the state…

“The fact that millions of people share the same vices does not make these vices [into] virtues, the fact that they share so many errors does not make the errors to be truths, and the fact that millions of people share the same form of mental pathology does not make these people sane.” – Erich Fromm

It’s a popularity contest. The most popular, the most common, lies are presented as truth.

It becomes a nation of narcissism. There’s no other way to hold the identity together. Thanks to social media, there’s pretty much no such thing as people who don’t do this

In the microcosmic, the narcissist operates by similar principles. They create a false narrative, then coerce you into joining. Any already in the bubble become the flying monkeys; to hound and harang you. There’s only one lie, but everyone shares and promotes it, quoting each other, pretend to have first-hand knowledge of something that never happened… You’ve never met any of these people, yet they all “know” how terrible you are, because you rejected the narcissist’s narrative, and all form of slander has been passed around in their echo chamber…

The flying monkeys are easy to find; birds of a feather… The freaks all know the drill and they stick together.

Read Erich Fromm’s work. A lot of good stuff that makes perfect sense (a lot of defective sooth saying and communist extrapolation that couldn’t be more wrong, too), which you’ve probably never heard… It saved me from suicide while the “professionals” were doing everything in their power to finish me off.

Being surrounded by people who spread, share, and promote the same lies, does not cause the lies to become truth. It’s the hardest stand to take when they already crushed you.

This is the fire in which I was forged, and I’ll never go back.

The ones in charge of passing judgment are the sickest and most evil of all.

I will never submit to such evil. Never.

…the trash keep breeding like flies in a dumpster…

Degeneracy has no color.

C’mon, Tommy. Get on BitChute.

What if I made a video exposing this? That’s right, censored, white boy.

Trash is exhalted. Degeneracy is praised.

Virtue and morals mocked, slandered, false accusations…

…and the dirty government is in on it. Say it twice, the FBI will come knock on your door.

Cops will execute you for daring to speak against this evil. Suggest you might defend yourself, you’re labeled a domestic terrorist…

the police stand idly by and watch

Name the communist shithole failed society/state in which the police aren’t wildly corrupt and allowed to do pretty much any sadistic shit they want. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

There’s a reason they stand idly by and let this happen. It’s exactly what they want.

Cops love Communism. They always side with the politicians that let them get away with any dirty, sadistic bullshit they want.

government is in on it

Antifa is allowed to runnrampant and are never punished because they are doing exactly what government wants them to do. Antifa exists because government spent decades creating them to do this.

Government = Antifa = Nu Klux Clan = Democrats = Police

It’s all one and the same. A variety of distinctions without a difference. Lies and hate and perversion hiding behind as many different names and identities as possible.